Welcome to Brothers Should Be Close, the fanlisting for Damon and Stefan Salvatore, the vampire brothers from L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries and the TV series from the CW that is based on them.

This fanlisting is specifically for their relationship with each other. If you're looking for sites for the boys as individual characters, you can head over to the Damon (books and TV) and the Stefan (books) fanlistings.

Follow the links to the right to find out anout the brothers and their relationship with each other.

19/September/2010 - Added caps from episode 2x02 "Brave New World".

11/September/2010 - The Vampire Diaries is back! Added caps from episode 2x01 "The Return".

1/June/2010 - Added screencaps for the rest of season one.

29/April/2010 - Added episode stills and caps from various episodes.

30/March/2010 - Added episode stills and caps from episode 1x15, "A Few Good Men".

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